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My Vision

We are committed to reviving good governance leadership and showing our people how good representation looks. Our focus areas are:

Accountability, Inclusivity, and Accessibility

Adequate Security

Quality Education

Affordable Healthcare

Entrepreneurship & Youth Development

Technology-based Solutions

Cost-effective Governance

An Inclusive Government (everyone matters)

About Onyekachi

My name is ONYEKACHI GEORGE EZULIKE. I aspire to represent and be the voice of the good people of the AGUATA 1 constituency in the ANAMBRA HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.

Wisdom does not come with age; it comes with experience. I spent a good part of my childhood in my village, Achina, with no amenities and opportunities for the first part of my life. Two-thirds of our people live in villages, in the same conditions, which has worsened. I grew up with extreme disadvantages and advantages, which has given me a unique perspective on life, which I will bring to my role when elected.

I am a son of the soil who has excelled at the highest levels in the UK private sector before coming back to Nigeria in 2012 to build businesses, and since then have provided jobs for hundreds of Nigerians. I prefer a Private life but, I ventured into politics because of my insatiable desire to sustainably improve the welfare of my people.

Fund/Donate Onyekachi Campaign

What we are building is a legacy that will affect generations to come. A legacy where everyone (irrespective of social and economic standing) can share a burning desire to contribute to humanity, are put in leadership positions, to make the right decisions that affect the rest of us.

We are running to win. This project is for the people. We have come this far because you have supported the movement, and you are all a part of it. The movement cannot stop now; we need you every step of the way! Your donations will go towards the cost of the campaign, logistics, and publications to help us reach and connect with voters. The legacy we are building for our children makes political godfathers/godmothers, vote-buying, and sharing of chicken-change irrelevant.

Every penny you donate counts and means supporting good governance and representation and building a society where everyone can live in peace and progress, and everyone truly matters. To all Nigerians and lovers of goodwill worldwide, our success in Aguata 1 constituency can light up the rest. Africa needs a critical mass and new generation of political leaders like me who will listen and serve the new class of citizens who know their rights and power.

We shall publish every donation for accountability, except the donor specifically requests otherwise.


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