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My Vision

Everything I have ever wanted to do is, improve people’s welfare and promote social justice. At the center of my vision are the youth and women. My strategy is to build trust and collaboration.


Politics could mean many good things, but it has been a menace in our society because of the greedy fellows who have occupied the space over time. An average person in Anambra state will talk of lies, deceit, poor policies, greed, and misery when asked about his thought about Politics. The narrative is a bitter one.

When laws are made, they do not reflect the needs and wishes of the people. When policies are implemented, they tend to dip the masses further into hardship. When questions are asked by the people, the big-men-in-kaftans-and-Italian-suits are quick to provide falsified records and divide the people with religious and tribal sentiments.

This cycle of doom cannot continue. It is time to vote for a moon; it is time to illuminate our existence with good governance and leadership. That is why I, ONYEKACHI GEORGE EZULIKE, am asking for your support to make AGUATA 1 and ANAMBRA great again.

Here is my plan for the people of AGUATA 1 constituency:

  • Accountability, Inclusivity, and Accessibility 

What these words simply mean are: We will spend every allocation for the constituency with transparency, and make ourselves easy for you all to access, through biannual Town hall meetings. Instead of sitting in a well-furnished and air-conditioned office and deciding what is best for you, we will come to you to brainstorm, discuss and implement solutions accordingly.

We will spend your money for your cause only and keep proper accounts of every revenue or expenditure. We will not maintain the current status quo of saying something to the press and doing the opposite. We will be responsible for every word we say as the voice of the people.

We will not come to the people only when an election is near, cajole for votes, share crumbs and then disappear in some penthouse after being elected, only to attend burial ceremonies. We will be accessible to everyone; the elites, the average man, the market woman, the physically challenged, or the students. We will keep our doors open to hear your needs and work consistently to solve them.

We will connect with my people through social media, radio, and television and organize town meetings as a norm.

This plan is not one of the promises to lure you; I have kept a proven record of accountability in every business and social responsibility endeavor I do outside politics. That is who I am.

  • Adequate Security 

The safety and well-being of our people are of the greatest importance. A settlement without peace cannot experience growth. The current security situation in Nigeria and Aguata is the worst.

At the core of my plans is an efficient security network. I do not want my people to go about their daily activities in fear of being kidnapped or gunned down. We want a constituency where everyone lives in peace and tranquility. Security will be local.

We will make policies that strengthen the security around the state and create a robust network between my people and the security operatives. Eyes and ears everywhere; collaborating, sharing information, and acting proactively.

I will champion a state security policy that focuses on four key elements:

  • Delivery of basic services
  • Governance
  • Sustainable development and Economic Reconstruction
  • Security Sector Reform

We shall implement a standard, a multi-stakeholder initiative to develop relationships through which we can participate, dialogue, engage in mutual learning, information sharing, and joint problem solving, create common approaches to address security challenges, and jointly promote human rights for a lasting positive impact.

We shall uphold an efficient corrective policy to penalize offenders. Our people will experience a peaceful coexistence where they are protected more adequately to go about their life endeavors.

  • Quality Education 

Education is the ultimate equalizer; it enabled me to escape the harsh realities of my village and to some of the best schools in Europe. My mother of blessed memory was a passionate educator who taught at primary schools before rising to the highest level. The inestimable value of education and human capital development was etched in my consciousness from a very tender age.

Everyone deserves an education, which translates to a fair chance in life. The lack of education and poor quality of education has more deadly social and economic consequences in our society. One in every five out of school children in the world is in Nigeria. Even though Primary education is “officially” free and compulsory, at least 11 million Nigerian children aged 5-14 years are out of school. This is already creating problems for the present and the future.

Our education, especially our primary and secondary school curriculum, also needs to be upgraded to be in tune with where the world is headed. We cannot afford to remain in a society that has a poor worldview and lacks global competitive advantages.

When I become the AGUATA 1 constituency representative, we shall:

  • Implement a sustainable monitoring and evaluation system to ensure full compliance with compulsory, basic education in the constituency
  • Partner with communities to offer scholarships to underprivileged, excellent students across all levels of education
  • Organize free coaching centers to help students prepare for exams such as BECE, WAEC, NECO, and UTME
  • Ensure that vocational training, entrepreneurship development, IT, STEM, and financial literacy are put into the primary and secondary school curriculum to effectively equip students for the 21st-century labor market
  • Beyond building classrooms, provide life insurance and skill up-gradation for teachers


  • Affordable Healthcare

Nothing is impossible for a man who has life. That is why our people deserve the best healthcare that is not expensive. At the state level, we plan to put a medical system in place that would guarantee free quality healthcare in partnership with the private sector. This will be timely and meticulously researched with the help of health management experts from Nigeria and beyond. The result will be a truly indigenous and sustainable affordable healthcare solution for all.

Meantime, we will launch an efficient and affordable Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme to subsidize healthcare greatly, while we continuously seek to improve the quality of our healthcare.

We will provide the enabling environment for quality healthcare providers to set up shop in the state and the constituency.

We shall make it our priority to provide medications and treatment for chronic illnesses.

We shall push bills to prevent the embezzlement of health projects funds.

Part of our plans to better the lives of the people of the AGUATA 1 constituency is to examine the cause of the high death rate of pregnant women and their children during birth. We will encourage efficient, homegrown solutions and continuously improve them to meet international standards and best practices.

  • Entrepreneurship and Youth Development

After spending years in school, our young people face the harsh reality of unemployment. This is further compounded by a high rate of unemployability, due to a lack of skills. There is a huge disconnection between the demand for skilled manpower in the state and its supply. That has resulted in a high crime rate, devouring their beautiful dreams.

As a serial entrepreneur, this is one of my pressure points and life passions. Our plans will not be complete without a sustainable solution to this. We will give our youths the ability and skillset to become business owners, create jobs, and access the capital market.

In achieving this, our plans include:

  • Creation of a skill and employment platform
  • Sponsor a Bill for the creation of a ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship Development with the responsibility of coordinating all Skill Development efforts across the state, removal of the disconnect between demand and supply of skilled manpower, building the vocational and technical training framework, skill up-gradation, building of new skills and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but for the newly created ones too
  • The Ministry will aim to skill on a large scale with speed and high standards to achieve the vision of a “Skilled Anambra”
  • Creation of local and international job placements and internships schemes for the youth, in partnership with the private sector
  • Sponsoring and pushing for a bill to improve the state minimum wage


  • Technology-based Solutions

We will leverage technology to bring new solutions to solve old problems; digitizing education, revenue collection, government contracts, waste management, etc.

Our plans in this regard include:

  • Organizing science workshops and expositions
  • Training artisans and local inventors on new and improved technologies
  • Promoting our locally-made products, inventions, and tech solutions, and challenge/incentivize young people to develop tech solutions and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Partnering with the private sector to establish Tech incubation Hubs and Entrepreneurship development clusters in the constituency that cater to different industries. These clusters will take novices through tech training, skill development, business registration/structuring, patent, funding, etc.


  • Cost-Effective Governance

Our system of government is expensive to run and therefore takes a large chunk of the public funds useful for various developmental purposes, fueling mindless corruption and incompetence.

We shall push bills to reduce the cost of governance and leverage technological solutions to mop up leakages and loopholes, and redirect the funds to projects in order of priority.

We plan to focus on projects beneficial to the masses always and not just party or political structure faithful. Our mission is clear; we want a better life for the people of the AGUATA 1 constituency.

That is to welcome everyone to a new dispensation!